Rabbits Vs. Cats: 15 Reasons Why A Rabbit Is A Better Pet

Cats vs rabbits15 Reasons Why A Rabbit Is A Better Pet
Cats vs rabbits 15 Reasons Why A Rabbit Is A Better Pet

Rabbits and cats can both make excellent pets. We love them both, and many of our households are filled one or the other. You may possibly even have both pets under the same household. It happens, I get it. However, around here, we love some competition. We want to know who the best pet is, and which pet will ultimately make the best furry long-term friends for us. In addition, we often want the best pets at the cheapest cost and lowest care needed.

Today I wanted the topic of this post to be a good old classic showdown. The Rabbit Vs. The Cat.

Who will take home the crown? Why are rabbits considered the better pet and what do they do that’s so special compared to cats? Luckily, my plan is to give you just that. All the information you need to know about why a rabbit is your champion. In fact, I’m going to provide you with 15 specific reasons why rabbits make a better pet than your cat.

Sorry cat owners, it may be time to leave the page before things get ugly.

Let’s dive into it.


15 Reasons Why Rabbits Are Better Pets Than Cats- The Showdown

Reason #1- Cost, Rabbits Are Cheaper Than Cats

This can vary based on your rabbit’s health. Vet bills are one of the most significant expenses you can encounter owning any pet. Rabbits, when healthy are generally going to be a cheaper pet than having a cat in the house.

Rabbits Diet consist of up to 80% hay which is a very cheap food source. Comparing this to purchasing dry or wet food for your cat is where most of the balance is shifted into the rabbits winning corner for being a cheaper pet overall.

Keep in mind that this does also depend on the size of your rabbit. Larger rabbits may need more food, larger cages and different care provided but nonetheless, a cage is still a one-time up-front cost.

Rabbits in nearly all circumstances are going to be cheaper than owning a cat.

Reason #2- Noise and No More Meowing, Hissing or Moaning- Amen

Well, sort of. Rabbits do make their own unique noises, but if it’s not your rabbit crying or screaming, you will likely love to hear your rabbit communicate with you. Cat’s meow randomly which can also be a loveable moment, but they also love to hiss and moan during other circumstances.

Reason #3- Opportunities for Different Living Spaces

Unless you are going to keep your cat in a cage inside the house which is unethical in many ways, rabbits offer many different living situations. Although it’s recommended for domesticated rabbits to be kept indoors, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be. Keep in mind, domesticated rabbits will not survive in the wild. If you haven’t read our post on this, you need to see it here first.

Outdoor rabbits if the climate is controlled and water temperatures are monitored can do just fine outdoors as well. In a cage only of course. Also, it’s not unethical for your rabbits to be inside of a cage at home or inside the home.

I’m sure I got plenty of groans from the home team on this statement, but it’s true. Plenty of rabbits are kept in large living cages or even playpen type setups.

I’m also aware of all the feral and stray cats that roam around and understand they can be outside without freezing to death but overall, I don’t know any cat owners who say, “oh yeah, my cat lives outside.”

Rabbits can either occupy the entire house, or they don’t have to. The choice is yours, and anytime I’m offered multiple options for a lower cost, I’m usually in a good mood. Another point for the home team.

Reason #4- Cuteness Factor with Bunnies

Yes, cats can be adorable too. Listen, none of this post is to bash on cats. It’s merely to say rabbits take the crown in my book. Rabbits can cuddle, sleep in your bed, jump around, binky and even nap by you. A cat can’t binky and in most circumstances is not going to show huge excitement to see you.

Sorry to inform you of this pitfall with the cats but this is another category where rabbits win the battle. Just my two cents.

Reason #5- Trick Rabbits Do Exist

Whoever said rabbits can’t do tricks was not informed correctly or didn’t have the patience to teach them anything. Using treats with any animal can be a powerful motivator. It’s like flashing dollar bills to an employee for them to learn a new task.

Same principal applies to the rabbits. They do adapt and learn these tricks. You can teach a rabbit to come, jump on cue, go into their cage or even to sit up from the laying position. You have several methods you can use to do so, but one I see that’s currently popular is clicker training.

Plenty of rabbit owners are having success with a simple clicker, some treats and getting down on all fours to “get on your rabbits” level and it seems to be taking well amongst the rabbit communities.

I’d like to hear from the cat owners on this one. How many tricks can your cats do? That’s what I thought! Sitting in window sills and climbing your kitchen counters don’t count people. Sorry to break it to you.

Reason #6- I’ll Clean Myself, Thank You Very Much

Sure, cats don’t necessarily need a dedicated bath time by any means, and yes both rabbits and cats do need to be brushed from time to time. I’m also aware that plenty of rabbit owners do give their bunnies baths in a sink or using other methods, but for the most part, they are self-grooming. Outside of trimming your cats’ nails, you should be in the clear.

A few licks of the paw and potentially even two rabbit mates cleaning each other will help keep them clean and happy for the immediate future. I suppose this isn’t a tremendous upside for rabbits but for now, I’m placing another point on team rabbit.

Current Tally- Rabbits- 6 Points- Cats- 0 Points- Boom, Rabbits Are Dominating

Reason #7 I Can Poop in A Litter Box Too

Everyone who believes your rabbits can’t be litter box trained is also incorrect. I understand that cats are litter box trained as well, but this is more of an argument to make sure we don’t throw a score in the cat’s favor.

Bunnies if the litter box is set up correctly can surely use a litter box just as effectively as any cat can. The key is having a large enough litter box and placing hay in the litter box for your rabbit to sit on while he or she takes care of business. You can even provide them something to chew on in addition to hay.

It’s like humans using magazines while taking care of business. If your rabbit is occupied and sees the litter box as a safe, rewarding spot, they will kill 2 birds with one stone. Take a nice healthy poop while enjoying a treat. Doesn’t get much more comfortable than that if you ask me.

Reason #8 Fewer Shots and Fewer Vet Bills

Again, I’m not claiming that rabbits don’t need a vet. They may need a vet often. It depends on the health of your rabbit, but for the most part, rabbits require fewer vaccinations and less maintenance from routine vet visits.

Have any of you had to pay for an expensive vet visit lately? It’s not much fun and can surely drain the bank account. Again, anything that saves me money and is overall cuter, I’m on board with. Another significant point for the home team.

Just please don’t call me or leave a comment if you happen to have a bunny that does need routine care or vet visits. We are talking about the majority here in this post and not doing a case by case basis. Just wanted to make sure I vented that quickly.

Reason #9- Rabbits Won’t Wake You Up to Eat

This isn’t only a downfall for cats. My dog is an absolute pain in the rear about this as well. Dogs and cats have clever ways to let you know it is time to eat. My dog isn’t clever at all and just barks at you in a dead sleep and basically says “hey, time to eat over here.”

Cats may jump up on the bed, walk on your face, sprint across your legs and find other clever ways to let you know it is time to get up and to move. Not bunnies. Bunnies have their hay and sources available.

In most situations, your bunny is never going to wake you up and inform you that you are lazy and need to feed them. I like to sleep, and I want money so as of now, bunnies are still dominating the cats. I get to save money and sleep in on a lazy Sunday. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Reason #10- Rabbits Can Greet You with Excitement and Enthusiasm

This is an area where cats don’t do well. They don’t run to you at the door as a dog does and they really don’t show much interest that you’re even around. Again yes, I know that one cat owner will leave a comment displeased because their cats do jumping jacks and cart-wheels when they arrive.

I’m talking about the majority here. Rabbits are different. When you get home and interact with them, they may run circles around your feet, come to the front of their cage or even honk or binky that you are around.

That’s a huge bonus to know that your pet loves you and something I’m just yet to see from any cats I’ve encountered up to this point in my life.

Reason #11- Rabbits Can Binky, Cats Can’t

I mention how a rabbit can binky in an article talking about knowing that your bunny loves you. You can see that post here. That article even includes a nice video of a rabbit getting down with the binky move for you to see.

It’s one of the best things to see as a rabbit owner. They do a quick hop and then just collapse down out of pure excitement. A sure-fire way to know your rabbit loves you and something that you aren’t going to see many cats doing anytime soon.

Sorry cat owners, binky time, is meant for the advanced. It’s not recommended to try alone.

Reason #12- Rabbits Don’t Try to Escape as Frequently

Cats are elusive creatures. They can get outside if a door isn’t secured, they like to explore, and they can jump and climb on just about anything. This even includes your Christmas trees and tabletops. The tabletop surfing is something that was always just a big no-no for me.

Rabbits, if kept in a cage or secured area, you don’t have this worry. They aren’t going to be bolting towards any open doors or windows or going through the trash can. They can’t jump high enough, and the cage takes care of most of the containment for you.

Anything that keeps shedding hair off my stove is a big positive for me, so this is yet another category where the rabbits come out victorious.

Reason #13, Rabbits Are Intelligent, I Guess Cat’s May Be as Well

This one was tough for me. I know cats are very sly and smart animals as well. I’m not trying to say they’re not, but rabbits connect with other rabbits and us on emotional levels. They can learn tricks, and they can express themselves in unique ways.

I think the rabbit’s intelligence is very under-rated and deserves more recognition.

Reason #14- Rabbits Can Stay in Their Cage

This positive trait falls into many of the other positive characteristics that we have already discussed. This can give peace of mind about safety among many other things. Cat’s can’t be or shouldn’t be contained in this manner so it can be more stressful.

Your cat will investigate many things around the home and again, happen to get loose or get outside more frequently. Rabbits, the fear is almost eliminated.

When you have demanding work schedules or busy lives, this is a substantial positive trait to consider before pulling the trigger on which pet may or may not be the best for you.

Reason #15- Rabbits Love to Cuddle

Rabbits take some time to warm up to you when they first arrive home, but once they do, the potential is endless. Rabbits will sprawl out on the floor in the same room as you, sleep on the floor next to you, cuddle in your lap or maybe just nestle up against your leg. All of these are positive traits that make a rabbit a magnificent family animal.

Once they are used to other family members, rabbits can be great for kids and help teach responsibility. Cat’s don’t act the same way with these kinds of things. They may be willing to cuddle, but it’s always going to be on their terms and when they choose to do so.

They are more independent, and many cats even prefer to be left alone entirely for the most part. I’m not saying this is the case with your cat, but I think you get the point I’m trying to make.

For an excellent movie and couch day relaxing with your pet, a rabbit could be just what the doctor ordered for a good day of cuddling.

The Beat Down Ends. Cat’s 0 Points. Rabbits 15 Points.

Well, that was a high-quality beat down the rabbits just laid on the cats for who makes the best family pet. That’s a lot of benefits that rabbits can provide that are unmatched by many of the other popular choices you can consider when making a final decision.

Putting It All Together, Rabbits Lay the Framework for An All-Around Fantastic Pet

I sincerely hope that anyone with a cat doesn’t believe that they don’t make great pets. That wasn’t the intention of this post in any form. It was merely to give some well-deserved credit towards all the rabbits in the world looking for a great home.

Rabbits are under-rated and make fantastic pets for any home. They can extremely loving pets, low cost and low maintenance. It doesn’t get much better than that if you ask me. When you couple all the benefits together and break them down, it seems clear that for any of you who are currently on the fence about purchasing a rabbit, take the leap of faith and see what happens.

I don’t think you will regret the decision. Rabbits are going to provide 9-12 years of love and affection and become a cornerstone family member that not only the immediate family loves but even the distant family enjoys seeing at regular get-togethers.

What’s your take on who takes home the gold medal? Are you a rabbit lover or a cat lover? What do you think distinguishes the two and what traits do rabbits possess that you believe need to be added to this list?

Be sure to drop a comment below, and we will be considering extending the list adding points to the rabbit’s tally.