How Do You Know If Your Bunny/Pet Rabbit Loves You? Here are 16 Ways to Tell

How Do You Know If Your Bunny Pet Rabbit Loves You
How Do You Know If Your Bunny Pet Rabbit Loves You

Loving our bunnies is always a top priority as pet owners, but sometimes we want a little bit of love and affection sent back our direction. Our bunnies do plenty of things that can indicate that they love us or even that they are beginning to become comfortable around us.

This is a good sign, but it’s critical that we recognize these signs so we can have that good feeling that we are doing things correctly. I see a lot of individuals asking questions such as the following. How do you know if your bunny loves you? After some digging, here is what I can tell you.

So, how do you know if your bunny loves you? Rabbits will do many things indicating love towards their owners. This could be licking and grooming or even getting comfortable for a nap with you. All rabbits are different and will show love and affection in various manners.

In today’s post, I wanted to take the time to break down all the ways you can quickly recognize that your bunny is trying to tell you that he or she loves you. Let’s take a quick dive into some of the fun ways you may be able to pick up on these subtle clues and start building a stronger bond with your rabbit.


#1- Enjoying A Good Scratching, Ear Rub and Head Rub

When you first get your rabbit home, it may not be realistic to expect them to show much love or be really open to a good scratching where they relax in a calm state. Over time this can quickly progress, and they will open more over time.

If your rabbit gives a nudge from time to time and loves just relaxing and letting you scratch behind their ears, rubbing their belly or even giving a gentle head scratch, you are golden.

At this point, it’s very clear that your bunny enjoys your company and loves you showing affection towards them just as much as you love having the affection shown towards you. This is when owning a bunny can become a real joy.

#2 Rest and Relaxation Is A Sure Sign of Love

Purely cuddling up with can show that your bunny is beginning to warm up to you and is beginning to get more comfortable. This is an excellent way for your bunny to show love.

It’s not only calm and relaxing for you, but you will notice your bunny is comfortable enough even to fall asleep or snooze off cuddled up against your leg, body or even sitting in your lap. Kick up your feet and enjoy the R&R with your bunny.

#3 Giving You a Tiny Nibble and Some Frequent Licks

Many small animals are accustomed to grooming their mates, or other animals alike. For instance, two bunnies who share a space together will often groom each other by licking, nibbling and nudging the other bunny. This is how they show love and affection towards each other and how they care for each other.

It’s not uncommon for your bunny to begin doing the same with you over time. Of course, it’s not necessarily grooming in this situation, but it’s the same idea.

Your bunny may nibble your ear, fingers or even face or give you a few licks showing you some love and affection. Regardless of how your bunny displays his or her grooming skills, it’s a definite sign your bunny loves you and is showing you in a way that makes the most sense for them.

#4 Naps and Sleeping in Your Bed

The good old sleeping in the same in bed as your bunny. If your bunny is open to this and you do it safely and ethically you can be sure it will begin building the bond with your bunny.

In the beginning, your bunny may not like this idea but over time as they warm up to you and the bond matures, most bunnies will have no problem cuddling up for the night or even an afternoon nap with you.

Give it a try and see how your bunny responds. If he or she is snoring logs within a few minutes, you can feel great knowing that you have built a bond that’s unbreakable. If you haven’t seen our post about letting your bunny sleep with you, you can see it here.

It can help get you started and off on the right track and practicing the right principals when attempting to sleep with your bunny for the first time.

#5 Using You as His or Her Chin Rest

Chinning for a rabbit is a sign of marking territory so to speak. If your rabbit likes to chin up against you, he or she is basically staking their claim over you and letting you know that they love you enough to claim you and label you part of their home and environment.

In most situations anytime, your bunny uses his or her chin to rub up against you, you can rest assured it’s a good indicator that they want you around and they want everyone else including other rabbit friends to know that you are theirs and no one else’s.

#6 Belly Time with Your Bunny

Belly time for bunnies is kind of like a dog smiling and rolling over ready for the “big scratch.” Well, rabbits will do something very similar. This isn’t only playful for your rabbits to enter this mood or state of mind, but it’s an open invitation to bust out your scratching fingers and get to work.

New bunnies in the home you won’t catch doing this, but you can be sure that once they have trust in you and recognize you as the owner, you can count on them rolling over and waiting for their daily belly rubs. Give it to them. It only helps to build the bond even further and keep the relationship healthy.

#7 Bunny Binky Time

Binky time is one of the odd items on our list, but it sure is fun to watch. Binky is a different language for rabbits, and it’s almost like comparing this to a dog wagging their tail in pure excitement. A rabbit will take a quick hop and follow it up with a quick strike of the legs. It’s fun to watch.

When your rabbit does this, he or she is trying to indicate to you that they absolutely love your company and want some attention. Again, be sure to give your rabbit attention when they show signs like this to keep them happy and to keep the bond growing. 

If you have never seen binky time with a rabbit, check out this video below.

aybe your rabbit has already been expressing its love towards you, but you never noticed it before. Well, now you know, and you can begin showing some love back when your bunnies are in the mood for playtime or scratches.

#8 Nose Nudging from Your Bunny

Nose nudging also kind of reminds how a dog will give you a little poke when they want some playtime, food or need to go outside. Your rabbit may give you a little nudge with their nose to get your attention. If they do, it’s a sure sign that they are comfortable with you and want to interact and show their love.

When this happens, give them a light scratching or show them some attention.

Thiers nothing worse for a pet to put their feelings out there and expect a little love in return just to be shut down.  Simply put, a nose nudge is meant to show nothing, but I love you from your bunny.

#9 Running Circles Around You Means They Love You

A very common way your bunny may decide to show love towards you is merely be running in circles around your feet like a maniac on too much caffeine.

In most circumstances, they aren’t going to just do this out of the blue but when can do this when initial greeting you for the day maybe when you return home for work or first greet your bunny in the morning.

Regardless of the timing, the circle running frenzy means your bunny is happy to see and loves you being around.

#10 Getting Comfortable in The Same Room as You

I know we have already covered how your bunnies may show love by merely cuddling in your lap, napping in your arms or snuggling up against your legs. It’s also a huge indicator that your bunnies love you when they are merely just relaxed in the same room as you.

Sometimes this can be sprawling out and laying on their backs and sometimes this can mean they only just remain in chill mode.

Either way, this level of comfort means that they have fully warmed up to you and that bond has formed. Well done and mission accomplished. Kick up your feet and relax with them.

#11- A Calm Tooth Clicking of Satisfaction

Your bunny may also make an audible noise to show your approval or some love. A tooth click with your bunny usually indicates that your bunny is enjoying whatever it is your doing. A tooth click simply means “I’m happy” and don’t stop doing whatever it is your doing.

This can take place when petting your rabbit, relaxing and cuddling with your rabbit or even when they are just resting a few feet away from you.

Nonetheless, when you hear this noise or “tooth click,” you have nothing to fear, it means nothing except something positive.

#12 The Flop Leading Up to The Belly Rub

We discussed how rabbits may love their bellies being rubbed but what we haven’t discussed are some of the behaviors that may show up before this ever occurs. Your bunny can show extreme enthusiasm and pleasure if you notice what’s known as the “belly flop” before the belly rub.

Usually, your rabbit will run his or her circles, give a weird jump and almost appear as if all 4 four legs just gave out on him or her.

This is a tall tale sign that your rabbit is getting ready to call your name for a belly rub and he or she is prepared to enjoy a few minutes of pure, pleasure.

You’re going to be the one that gives it to them. No questions asked. You signed up be a rabbit owner, and this is what it’s all about.

#13- Your Rabbit Loves When You Speak and Act Rabbit

Sometimes your bunny is perfectly fine with you being the boss and standing on your own two feet. This is precisely the relationship that’s in place, and at the end of the day, you are in charge.

However, after the bond has strengthened and a more profound love exist, your bunny may love when you get on his or her level and start speaking some rabbit with them.

Get low on possibly all fours or get on the ground and lay around with your bunny. Doing so gets a closer bond going and allows your rabbit to get a better perspective of you during the warming up process.

You don’t need to force it in the beginning, but after some time, if your bunny welcomes this behavior without any feedback, they most likely love your company and want to interact with you as much as possible

Although time-consuming, this definitely a good thing and you shouldn’t ignore it.

#14-The Never Flinching, Never Scared Rabbit Indicated Trust and Love

Rabbits can be very timid. Although we are talking about domesticated rabbits just picture how a rabbit can be in the wild. I understand that they are often preyed upon and that domesticated rabbits shouldn’t even be outside, but theory and main takeaway still holds true.

It’s not uncommon at all for your rabbit to be somewhat skid dish or jumpy. Especially at the beginning of the relationship or when entering into a new home. There is nothing wrong with this, and it’s perfectly reasonable. When this starts to shift for you is the crucial thing to remember.

When your rabbit no longer bats an eye, jumps back, runs off or shows any signs of timid, shy behavior or even fear is when the bond you have built is probably permanent.

Your rabbit is now comfortable and understands that you love them as well and would never harm them. This is one of the best feelings as a rabbit owner when the relationship reaches this level of affection.

Nonetheless, a bunny showing no fear is a 100% excellent and definite piece of evidence that your rabbit truly loves and trust you.

#15 Your Rabbit Honking Their Own Horn

This is an audible noise your bunny may make. A honking noise is known around the rabbit communities as one of the sounds that clearly indicates extreme joy and pleasure from your bunny.

When this sound comes from your rabbit can depend on several factors but many experiences this when they are rubbing their bunny, playing with toys with their bunny or even beginning a cuddling session.

Regardless of what the reason may be, you can trust that this noise isn’t something to fear but something to be happy about hearing. It’s a good thing, and it shows your bunny loves you.

#16- The Front of The Cage Greeting

Depending on the housing situation you have in place for your bunny, it’s possible that your rabbit shows love not to be necessarily running towards your feet or greeting you up close and personal but may also show affection by merely coming to the front of the cage. If they can’t get out of their cage, you can consider this is the same thing as greeting you right at your toes.

Nonetheless, the forward movement towards you and anxiously awaiting some attention definitely shows your bunny is happy your home and is ready to cuddle.

Putting It All Together. Bunnies All Show Love Differently

At the end of the day, bunnies can express emotional and affection in many ways. Some bunnies will perform all the functions we discussed here today, and other bunnies will do minimal things to show love.

If you are able to recognize the small clues, they are leaving for you, you should feel happy and rest assured that your bunny definitely loves you.

Don’t fear if these things don’t come naturally or happen immediately. That’s perfectly normal, and over time the bond will strengthen.

Bunnies are like other small pets, and in the beginning, it inevitably takes time for them to feel comfortable and initially remove all fear and reservations about their surroundings and if they should even trust you.

Trust me when I say, it won’t be long before this period is over, and you guys enjoy some fun-loving years shortly.

What’s your experience with bunny’s expressions of affection or showing love? Does your bunny do anything differently than the items we mentioned on this list here in this post? Be sure to leave a comment below.