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Do Pet Rats Get Jealous

Do Pet Rats Get Jealous? Emotions & Reasons

Pet rats provide their owners with companionship and excitement since you can always count on your rat being inquisitive and energetic. Like most animals, pet rats have a complex range of emotions when it...
Are Pet Rats Noisy at Night

Are Pet Rats Noisy at Night? What Sound Do They Make?

Pets make a variety of noises and sounds during their active hours, and pet rats are no exception. Since rats see their waking hours mostly at night, you may have noticed an increase in...
Can Pet Rats and Rabbits Live Safely Together

Can Pet Rats and Rabbits Live Safely Together?

Rats are intelligent, cute, and playful pets, and although a lot more gentle, rabbits are also smart, adorable, and equally playful. Thus, it might sound like a brilliant idea to let the two have...
How and Where to Pet a Rat

How and Where to Pet a Rat (Behavior Guide)

Rats are adorable little pets who also happen to be very social. Once a rat trusts you, it will be a perfect friend. They love interacting with humans and become sad if they aren’t...
Can Rats and Hamsters Mate

Can Rats and Hamsters Mate? Attraction Behavior Breeding

Rats and hamsters are both in the rodent family, but they are as different as they can be. If you own both of them, you may have some questions about their relationship - like...