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Do Pet Rats Need Vaccines Health Care Basics

Do Pet Rats Need Vaccines? Health Care Basics

There’s quite a lot of information available on dog and cat vaccination requirements, but information regarding pet rat vaccination is startlingly sparse. This may leave many rat owners wondering if their pet...
Are Pet Rats Loud What Sounds Do They Make

Are Pet Rats Loud? What Sounds Do They Make?

When your pet starts zooming around their cage during the middle of the night, they may make enough noise to wake you. While rats don’t bark like dogs or meow like cats,...
Do Pet Rats Like to Burrow

Do Pet Rats Like to Burrow? The Importance.

Proud rat owners may already be aware that rats seem to enjoy burrowing through their habitat’s bedding, especially during the middle of the night. While this behavior can occasionally be confusing or...
Can Pet Rats Eat Dog Food

Can Pet Rats Eat Dog Food? What To Avoid?

Owning a pet rat can be a joy. But becoming familiar with what a pet rat can and cannot safely eat can feel like a never-ending journey, especially if you’re a recent...
Is It ok To Feed Pet Rats Cat Food

Is It ok To Feed Pet Rats Cat Food?

It’s important for rats to have a well-rounded diet full of variety. Achieving a decent variety can sometimes be difficult to accomplish on a budget, so you might be tempted to use...
Can Pet Rats Get the Flu

Can Pet Rats Get the Flu? Viruses & Diseases.

When you have the flu, you’re supposed to stay away from friends and family, so you don’t get them sick. But, what about your pet rats? You have to clean their cages...
Can Pet Rats Fly on Planes

Can Pet Rats Fly on Planes? Which Airlines Allow It?

Maybe you’re going on an extended vacation and want to bring your pet rat with you. Or, maybe you’re delivering a rat to a friend that wanted it. People travel with dogs...
Can Pet Rats Eat Mango

Can Pet Rats Eat Mango? D-Limonene

Pet rats have specific dietary needs that need to be followed to keep them healthy throughout their lives. Feeding them proper quantities of healthy food can actually help extend their lifespan.
Can Pet Rats Eat Tuna

Can Pet Rats Eat Tuna? Safe Food.

Your pet rat’s diet is important to monitor. Just like cats and dogs, pet rats need specific nutrients that are provided through a healthy diet. There are some foods you should avoid...
Can Pet Rats Eat Asparagus

Can Pet Rats Eat Asparagus? Safe Vegetable

Part of the joy of owning a pet rat is sharing the odd snack with them, but some treats can be toxic. Understanding the fine line between what is and what is...