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Rabbits Facts

Do Rabbits Have Whiskers

Do Rabbits Have Whiskers?

Rabbits have many unique, charming features which their owners adore. Large ears, either straight up or floppy are a signature feature of the rabbit. Small, round, and furry tails are one feature we all think of when...
Do Rabbits Have Umbilical Cords

Do Rabbits Have Umbilical Cords?

There are many parts of a rabbit’s body that are unique. Their large ears which go upright when listening for sound are one quality we think of when imagining a rabbit. The little cotton tail is...
Do Rabbits Have Night Vision

Do Rabbits Have Night Vision?

As a pet owner you may turn out the lights as you leave a room, then wonder if your pet is able to see. While your rabbit hops around their cage after the lights are switched...
Do Rabbits Have Nerves in Their Teeth

Do Rabbits Have Nerves in Their Teeth?

You may notice your furry friend has a habit of gnawing and chewing on anything they can get their paws on. This is a perfectly natural instinct for rabbits, as they need to keep chewing for...
Do Rabbits Have Eyelids

Do Rabbits Have Eyelids

A rabbit’s eyes are a very distinct part of their body. Large, round, and located on the side of their head, a rabbit’s eyes are probably one of the first things we think of when we...