Rabbits Facts

Rabbits Facts

Do Rabbits Stink As Pets

Do Rabbits Stink As Pets? Find Out Below. Body Odor and Maintaining Good Hygiene

There is no doubt that rabbits make great pets. They're friendly, can be cuddly, and are loads of fun to watch. But one of the biggest questions I hear has to do with how rabbits smell....
Do Rabbits Know Who Their Owners Are

Do Rabbits Know Who Their Owners Are? Useful Tips

Does your rabbit really know you? Yes, he/she does. It’s easy to tell when a dog knows you since they tend to respond easily to a call, but they also respond very enthusiastically just to the appearance...
Do Rabbits Sleep at Night

Do Rabbits Sleep at Night?

Recently, I was asked to pet sit my friend's four rabbits. Everything was going great until nighttime came. I was so worried about the rabbits, I checked on them every hour. I was shocked to see...
Can Rabbits Live With Cats and Dogs

Can Rabbits Live With Cats and Dogs?

While I was in college I had a rabbit that was a great pet, but after moving into a bigger place I really wanted to add cats and dogs to my household. I had to put...
Can Rabbits See In The Dark

Can Rabbits See In The Dark

The other day, I was watching a family of rabbits hop around my yard. As the sun set and I was heading inside for the night, I noticed a few other rabbits come out of...