Do Rabbits Get Killed for Fur?

Do Rabbits Get Killed for Fur
Do Rabbits Get Killed for Fur

Rabbits are a cute, household pet for many. While rabbits make great pets, there is something about rabbits that have many people bothered. This is the idea of rabbits being killed for their fur. Many animals are killed for their fur including mink, chinchillas, and foxes just to name a few.

So, are rabbits one of these animals who are killed for their fur?

Yes, rabbits are killed for fur. Rabbit fur can often be cheaper than other animal furs, so the fur industry is pushing accessories made from rabbits. Fuzzy trim of cardigans, fringe on boots, and even some cat toys could be made from rabbit fur.

I will be discussing what rabbit fur is used for, the factory fur farms rabbit fur is retrieved from. I will also cover some other shocking fur facts.

When a Rabbit is Killed for Their Fur, What is the Fur Used For? The Fur from a Rabbit is Used for Many Different Things. Rabbit Fur May Even be in Items You Never Guessed. It is Very Common for Rabbit Fur to be Used as Trim on Coats and Boots. Rabbit Fur May Also be Used in Cat Toys.

If you have ever owned a cardigan with fuzzy trim on it, this may be made from rabbit fur. Other items that contain rabbit fur frequently are the tassels on a hat, as well as the fringe on boots. Hats and coats are frequently made from rabbit fur as well.

Gloves, stuffing, bedding, and felt are also commonly made from rabbit fur.

Clothing is the most common use for rabbit fur. A rabbit hide will be sewn into the lining of an article of clothing to make the item warmer. A coat that is completely made out of rabbit fur will require multiple hides.

Shorn white rabbit fur is sometimes used for stuffing for stuffed animals. This fur may also be used for comforters and pillows.

When it comes to bedding, sometimes loose fur is spun to create blankets or shams. Sometimes many hides will be sewn together in order to create a blanket or hide.

Felt is made from wool or fur from small animals. This fur can be shorn and felted for use in mechanics, crafts, and millinery. The process consists of wetting and matting the fur until it becomes a thick, sturdy cloth.

If Rabbits Are Killed for Their Fur, Where Does this Happen? Rabbits Are Usually Killed for Their Fur on Factory Farms Created for Fur. 85% of the Fur Industry’s Skins Come from Factory Farms. The Living Condition in These Farms for The Animals Are Considered Very Cruel and Inhumane.

The fur farms these rabbits are raised on are very inhumane, unsanitary, and dismal places. Since the goal of the fur industry is to maximize their profits, they will keep the living conditions for the animals very cheap to save money.

To save money, rabbits and other animals are often packed into very small cages. These tiny cages prevent the animals from taking more than a couple of steps or participating in any natural activity.

Running, making nests, burrowing, or finding mates, which are important activities for the health of the animal, are not activities these animals have the opportunity to participate in.

These unbearable conditions often cause animals to go insane. As a result, they may harm themselves by biting their skin, tail, or feet. These animals can also be seen frantically pacing and circling endlessly.

Cannibalism among cage mates is not uncommon under these conditions.

On a factory farm that is used for fur production, the rows of cages are usually kept in large, dark, and dirty sheds or barns. The ammonia from all the animal feces and urine accumulates and will burn the eyes and lungs.

If the cages are not kept in a barn or shed, they are kept outside. Here, there is no protection from the heat, cold, and rain.

Parasites and disease are a large problem on fur farms, which makes the already brutal conditions even more uncomfortable.

The food rabbits and other animals are fed on a factory fur farm includes meat byproducts which are not even considered fit for human consumption. Rabbits are naturally herbivores and follow a strict vegetarian diet. Regularly being fed meat byproducts is detrimental for the health of the rabbit.

This food is often given to the animals through a nipple system, which can often freeze in cold temperatures, or fail due to poor manufacturing. This leaves the animals starving.

No federal humane slaughter laws protect the animals who live on a fur factory farm. This means killing methods can be extremely gruesome in some farms. Since many people working in the fur industry care about fur quality over the animal’s well-being, the slaughter techniques are done to preserve the pelt.

These methods can include skinning an animal while they are still alive. The animal may not be conscious at the time, but they often wake up during the process. Electrocution, poison, and neck-breaking are other ways animals on factory farms are killed.

If We Know Rabbits Are Killed for Their Fur, What Other Facts Should We Know About the Fur Industry? Rabbits Are Killed for Their Fur and Used Commonly for Clothing, Bedding, or Felt, but What Other Facts Should Be Known About the Fur Business? It is Important to Understand the Treatment These Animals Go Through, and to Educate Yourself About the Conditions of Factory Farms. These Are Harsh Realities of the Fur Industry.

Other facts you should know about the fur industry…

1. Using electrocution on rabbits is a painful and inhumane way to kill them for their fur. Electrocution is done anally and genitally and is excruciating for the animal. This is used as killing method on factory fur farms to preserve the fur.

2. There are no penalties for the fur farms in China, which is the world’s largest fur exporter.

3. One billion rabbits are killed for their fur each year.

4. There is a cat-and-dog fur industry in China that is thriving. These animals are often bludgeoned, hanged, or skinned alive for their fur. Their fur will then be mislabeled (often as rabbit fur) and exported to customers who are completely unaware.

5. Fur farms are terrible for the environment. Millions of pounds of waste are produced by the mink farms in the U.S. The phosphorus will pollute rivers and streams, and these farms can produce nearly 1,000 tons of phosphorus.

6. After the animal has been slaughtered, their fur is treated with toxic chemicals to keep it from rotting or decomposing. This leads the fur industry to be one of the worst industries for toxic metal pollution.

7. Although most animals who are killed for their fur are raised on farms, there are still millions of raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, beavers, and other fur-bearing animals who are being killed by steel-jaw traps. This is the most widely used trap, however, it is a highly inhumane trap and has been banned in a number of U.S. states.

Rabbits are Killed for Their Fur. Their Fur is Commonly Used for Clothes, Bedding, Felt and Other Items. The Facilities Where Rabbits Are Killed for Their Fur Are Most Commonly Factory Farms.

While some enjoy the warm lining a rabbit fur provides for their coat, gloves or hat, it is important to know where this fur is coming from in order to make an educated choice on fur use.