Rats Food & Nutrition

Rats Food & Nutrition

Do Pet Rats Overeat

Do Pet Rats Overeat? Causes, Solutions, Feeding

Rats make wonderful little pets. They’re not very hard to look after as they are clean and intelligent animals, but new owners often find themselves confused about the dietary requirements and restrictions of their...
Is Uncooked Pasta and Rice Safe to Eat for Pet Rats

Is Uncooked Pasta and Rice Safe to Eat for Pet Rats?

Rats make great pets; they are clean, intelligent, and curious little creatures, and their whimsical presence can lighten up your mood, but as a new owner, you might get curious about their dietary needs...
Do Pet Rats Eat Cockroaches

Do Pet Rats Eat Cockroaches? Insects for Protein

Rats are well-known as omnivores and creatures that will eat just about anything. However, when you have a pet rat, you have to make sure you’re feeding them foods that are nutritious and not...
Why Do Pet Rats Hide or Hoard Food

Why Do Pet Rats Hide or Hoard Food?

Rats are not a common pet, but they are fascinating creatures with their own habits and quirks. And one of those quirks is hoarding food. So, why do they do that? There are a few...
Do Pet Rats Drink Milk

Do Pet Rats Drink Milk (Safety, Plant, Soy, Almond)

Pet rats are whimsical little bundles of joy. It’s a real surprise that these wonderful animals are not as popular a choice for a pet as they ought to be. Pet rats are clean,...