Rabbits Health

Rabbits Health

What Are Rabbit Ear Mites

What Are Rabbit Ear Mites (Signs, Treatment, and Prevention)

Ear mites are one of the more common health issues that rabbits deal with, especially because of the size and sensitivity of their ears. If your rabbit is scratching at its ear all the...
Why Is My Rabbit Shaking And Laying Down

Why Is My Rabbit Shaking And Laying Down (18 Reason She/He Is Sick)

Has your rabbit started acting differently recently? Have you noticed weird behaviors or concerning health developments? Your rabbit could be sick. Different symptoms can mean different problems, but all of them are cause for concern.
Why My Pet Rabbit Has Fleas How To Get Rid Of Them

Why My Pet Rabbit Has Fleas How To Get Rid Of Them

As many rabbit owners know, pet rabbits need preventative health care just like other pets. Pet rabbits don’t need vaccinations like cats or dogs, but I do suggest that you take your...
Rabbit Teeth

Rabbit Teeth (Size, Number, Problems, Full Guide)

Dental health is very important to a rabbit’s overall health, and cleaning and maintaining your rabbit’s teeth should be a regular part of your care routine. You may be wondering how to care for...
How To Get A Rabbit To Drink Water

How To Get A Rabbit To Drink Water

There is nothing quite as distressing as seeing your pet rabbit refuse to drink. While it's possible for mammals to live quite some time without food, the same is not true for...
Sudden Rabbit Death Syndrome

Sudden Rabbit Death Syndrome 13 Signs and Symptoms to Watch For

Pet rabbits have become one of the most loveable animals to have in the home for both adults and children. They can bring a significant amount of joy to any family and are surely...
Neuter and Spay Pet Rabbit For Free

Neuter and Spay Pet Rabbit For Free 8 Things You Must Know

These days, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the idea of free neutering for your pet. And if you have a rabbit that you cannot afford to have neutered at a high-priced vet clinic,...
Can Rabbits Get Car Sick Petsial

Can Rabbits Get Car Sick? [What to Do and What Not to Do]

Rabbits are one of the most frequently purchased pets worldwide. With good reason. They are easy to care for, show a great deal of love and affection and increase the quality of life for...
Do Rabbits Need Shots Vaccines

Do Rabbits Need Shots/Vaccines?

Did you just get a new pet rabbit? Congratulations on the new addition to your family! You may be surprised to know that rabbits are growing in popularity as pets all across the world....