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Can Pet Rats Eat Spinach

Can Pet Rats Eat Spinach? Dangerous or Safe?

Owning pet rats is a little different from owning a cat or a dog. There's far less information available about pet rat dietary needs,...
Are Pet Rats Territorial

Are Pet Rats Territorial? Social Behavior

Fancy rats are the domesticated species of rats that many people keep as pets. These rats are social creatures and like to live together....
Can Pet Rats Eat Pecans

Can Pet Rats Eat Pecans? Safe or Dangerous?

While there are tons of rat-focused pet care resources available today, not many contain an exhaustive list of foods that your long-tailed friend can...
How to Tell the Age of a Rat

How to Tell the Age of a Rat: A Guide for New Owners

Let’s face it; it can be very hard to know the exact age of a pet rat based on little information known or kept...
Heres Why Pet Rats Cannot Live in Fish Tanks

Here’s Why Pet Rats Cannot Live in Fish Tanks

A pet rat needs an adequate amount of space to be comfortable in their living environment. Proper ventilation that allows airflow and easy accessibility...